Well, it failed to Dazzle, so what’s wrong with the iPhone 5?

Well it’s finally here and yes, it’s lighter, slimmer, faster and the best iPhone so far, but is it worth the upgrade? Most people are certainly not impressed with the new iPhone (iPhone 5). This begs the question, what’s wrong with the iPhone 5. Well, if you have been asking yourself the same question, you found the right blog.

ImageWith the introduction of the iPhone back in 2007, it was indeed a revolutionary device that put Apple right at the top, the next installment into the iPhone brand was the iPhone 3GS.  The 3GS brought nothing new into the market, well except for the S after 3G. Apple had to up their game and so, they introduced “retina display” on the iPhone 4. The iPhone 4’s image was marred by connectivity issues due to the poor placement of the antennae forcing Apple to recall many devices to fix this issue. To save face, apple released the iPhone 4S, and just like before, it was the same phone with an S added after the 4. The selling point of the 4s was siri, a voice assistant designed to help one interact with the phone using only the voice.


A year later, the market has changed and it was yet another time to release, “the best iPhone yet”. It’s September, 2012 and things are not looking that good for Apple. Siri which had been miles ahead can now be said at best, to perform at per with the new Google voice search feature and at worst, slower than the new Google search feature. This is to say that Siri, which had been Apples selling point a year ago, had finally found its match. Android devices have caught up with the release of Jelly bean, a major upgrade that saw them fix most of their previous issue like lagging. The galaxy S3 has been released and the phone has everything you can think of, from a bigger display, better resolution, features like smart stay and so on. The challenge for apple was to introduce a device that could overshadow all other Android devices. Rumors were flying all over and people were expecting features like NFC, Wireless charging, Bluetooth 4.0, micro USB compatibility….you get my drift, something that could put the i in Phone. The problem is, Apple could not, and they knew this, something had to be done, and so they went for plan B. In order to retain a huge market share, Apple resorted to sue all the other competitors and ban their products to make way for their device. Devices in the market that can comfortably rival the iPhone 5 include: The galaxy s3, the motor razr HD, Optimus 4X HD, HTC One X, Nokia Lumia 920…and the list continues. Apple can no longer claim to have the best device on the market.




Well they got a reprieve when an American court asked Samsung to pay them (Apple) over 1 billion dollars, and Samsung gladly did so, but did Apple really score a victory with this? The answer to this still

remains to be seen, but from the indicators, Apple might be headed for its roughest time in history yet. Just a few days after the verdict, the galaxy s3 became the bestselling phone in America (which is Apple’s largest market). This can be attributed to the fact that people had stopped buying the iPhone 4s in anticipation of the newer, faster and advanced iPhone yet.

Finally, Apple went ahead and released their device. The IPhone 5 is bigger, two times faster, slimmer and lighter than the iPhone 4S, but so are all other devices on the market. Android devices are coming out by the day and the iPhone 5 has failed to overshadow most of the devices on the market. This therefore means that, the majority of people who own the iPhone 4S will have no reason to buy the new

iPhone, as discussed above, there is no distinguishing feature that the iPhone 5 has to make it a must have device. Apple is now forced to use phrases like “The thinnest and lightest phone we have made so far” and not phrases like “The thinnest and lightest phone ever made”, and this is unlikely to ever change with Android devices becoming better and better and thanks to Microsoft, we now have windows phone 8 devices that are just as good. The problem with Apple is that, the expectations were so high that they could do nothing but disappoint.


So who will buy the iPhone 5

The answer to this question is, the same people that have been buying iPhones. According to me, the iPhone 5 does not make a compelling case for one to upgrade from an iPhone 4S, the number of people buying the new iPhone can be said to have reduced. Majority of the people who will be buying the new iPhone will be upgrading from either the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. This may still be a significantly good number, but it’s not as high as the usual number. I may be wrong, or I may be right, let’s wait for the numbers at the end of October, when the hullabaloo will have died down.

The Future of Apple

It’s a sad reality, but Apple might have seen the end of its best days due to Google (Android), Samsung (Great Phones) and HTC (Great phones). I see many lawyers making a lot of money from the ongoing battles in court about patent violations. I see many devices being banned from the shelves, especially in America. Apple is suing all over the place (even grocery stores), just to make money, really Apple? The world still needs a company that will make exceptional devices that will dazzle many, and Apple is being replaced by Samsung, that’s for sure.

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